A selection of personal work of various subject matter and vintage.

Study — Anglican Tenor

I marvel at the voices and diction of the English college and cathedral choirs. I’ve never heard the language sung so vital and beautiful.

Concept — Electric Avenue

‘…(This world) involves vast, open tracts of weathered concrete, the tops of massive structures raised by founders when they made landfall with forgotten verve. Their glinting starships filled the night sky; the seas were calmer then, and one fancied the weather’s capricious might would be quelled in time by great engines later waves of humanity seemed destined to bring.

‘A dozen generations have passed, and the colony is a backwater. Expansion has ceased, and tenements cling like barnacles to their fabricated continents. Superstorms rage all about and below the quailing population centres; the firmament is ever dour and gray, and the wan ecosystems painstakingly cultivated have for the most part been ripped clean off by shrieking winds.

‘There are times, though, when said winds drop to an unnerving calm. The sky lightens, birds titter, and the world takes stock. These gilded hours of gently rising mist are worth all the dread the rest can bring.’

Sketches from reference.

2D Thumbnails — Calaisian Civic Sanctuaries

2D Thumbnails — Gondola Transit Towers

Pet shop set up around a defunct gondola tower

Linework presentation prior to colour

Pier's End - various props

The Hut

Coelir Haven’s defensive pipe organ is actually Fleury’s first. Already we see hints of the organic excesses that would, to critics at least, mark his hand. They did have a sensible end — ‘camouflage’, quoth he — but the ensuing movement would spread to the heart of Calais and yield such monumental controversies as Talcott’s Botanical Organ.

Sketch taken too far


Plein air gone wrong (just a spot of wistful!)