Fancy a memento from Calais? A postcard maybe, from Tomp City?

To suit all preferences, I now run perennial sales through both Redbubble and Society6. My art prints are staples, but do look out for interesting articles I have available from time to time.

All proceeds go towards funding further work on Finding Calais and Pastel Skycubes.

Useful Notes:

  • Prints from Redbubble are generally shipped in a cardboard tube. Society6 prints are shipped flat, and are costlier by unit area.

  • For Redbubble only: Pick photographic prints on the ‘lustre’ setting for a borderless, glossy image true to what you might see on a screen (the 'metallic' setting is smoother, shinier, and slightly more durable). Pick standard art prints for a non-glossy, bordered image on sturdy card, that most resembles a painting in traditional media.

  • Society6 offers framed prints at a significantly lower price (reviews are positive).

Have questions or comments? I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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